cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA

As you might have noticed, we do a lot of stuff. A lot. We bring locals together through boundary-pushing arts events and highly collaborative, ensemble-driven productions. We fill our audiences and our casts with people who are not interested solely in performing or solely in watching, but rather in sharing the experience of art with one another. We look to empower both long time and beginner artists by providing inspiring opportunities to create and perform, diverse and affordable workshops, and dynamic venues to meet and engage with like-minded visionaries. We believe that a community alive with art will thrive with conversation and understanding, and progress. Art conversing with people conversing with people conversing with art.


“cARTel is a multi-media, multi-discipline production company that doesn’t just put on shows, they put on EXPERIENCES. Attending a cARTel event means every one of your senses will be engaged. You’ll be eating, drinking, laughing, crying, seeing, hearing, and touching their PRODUCTION.”

-LA Travel Bug

“Negin [Singh, cARTel artistic director]  hasn’t let her youth or yearly change of residence stop her from spreading a myriad of unique art forms across America. Art is more than just paint and paper, and her work enriches our country in culture and spirit.”

-WhiteHouse.Gov & Hello Giggles’ Women Who Do Good Work Series


“The festival celebrates the indie scene in the truest sense of the word…cARTel managed to create a real sense of community for everyone that attended....Brokechella gives the eccentric and eclectic of Los Angeles a place to go to enjoy great local music for next to nothing”

Brokechella Video:

Press Pass LA


“The wild West days of the world’s film festivals are not over...There is still plenty of room for up-and-coming filmmakers to get their stuff submitted, accepted, and seen at festivals. Case in point – the No Budget Film Festival.”

Film School Rejects


“This was a creative, unique, and inspired event, definitely recapturing the joy of childhood in can count on more “boundary-pushing” events from these visionaries in the future”

So Cal Magazine


"An exemplary illustration of how co-written group theatre should be."


"L.A.'s best third date idea. ... The poignant, often shocking sketches portray stories and secrets from the ensemble's own family histories."

-LA Weekly


“This homage to L.A.'s art ancestors blends modern aesthetic sensibilities with classic charm for a night of (in the words of the director Negin Singh) "sustainable story-telling with a little bit of glamour." Sound/Stagepresents a narrative-driven, lightly staged radio play delivered by charismatic performers, engrossing live music, a special cocktail and tapas menu, and a red-carpet style garden party with tuxedoed musicians and a photographer on hand to capture attendees in their vintage best.”



“...Intimate, pioneering, conceptually brilliant... one of the best productions we've seen this year.”